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Pennsylvania High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

For many couples, divorce becomes an even more challenging matter when they have a significant amount of accumulated assets. If you are a high-net-worth individual facing a divorce in Pennsylvania, Berman Voss is here to guide you.

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers | Here for Clients in Pennsylvania

If you are about to go through a high net worth divorce, you must not make the mistake of proceeding without competent and highly-skilled Pennsylvania divorce lawyers on your side. Berman Voss has years of experience fighting for high-net-worth individuals and is prepared to put that experience to work in your case, as well.

High Net Worth Divorce Defined

As a couple from any financial background, the assets you own are often contentious when it comes to splitting them up in a divorce. That said, being a high-net-worth individual means that you own at least $1 million in assets.

Complicating Factors in High Net Worth Divorce

Aside from the sheer number of assets involved in high net worth divorces, high net worth individuals have to worry about certain specific types of assets that other couples may not have to worry about. For example, high net worth divorces often involve the following:

  • Multiple real estate properties;
  • Stocks, bonds, or other investments;
  • Luxury vehicles;
  • Expensive jewelry or memorabilia;
  • Retirement funds and 401(k) accounts;
  • Family businesses; or
  • Potential debts accrued over the course of a marriage.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, courts divide these assets between spouses through a process known as equitable distribution. This means that a judge will essentially determine a fair and just split of assets between you and your spouse, which is typically not an even 50/50 split. As such, it is important to hire a competent high net worth divorce lawyer who can best present your case and advocate for your interests.

Protecting Your Assets

Aside from hiring a skilled divorce lawyer, you can act preemptively and protect your assets from a future divorce by drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement with your spouse. Prenuptial agreements are drafted prior to marriage, and postnuptial agreements are drafted after marriage, but prior to divorce. Both of these documents can clearly outline what will happen with certain assets, among other things, should you ever get divorced in the future.

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