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Pennsylvania Post-Judgment Modification Lawyers

It is not uncommon for life to change after a divorce. After all, divorce itself is a life-changing event. In light of the freedom divorce can offer, it may also mean that, at some point, the divorce agreement you reached months or years ago no longer reflects where you are in life today. For this reason, courts in Pennsylvania recognize post-judgment modifications in certain qualifying scenarios. Please contact the Pennsylvania post-judgment modification lawyers at Berman Voss to learn more.

Post-Judgment Modification Lawyers | Here to Help You Make a Change

If you are seeking to change your divorce agreement to better suit your current situation, look no further than the dedicated Pennsylvania family lawyers from Berman Voss. Berman Voss has extensive experience helping individuals seeking modifications and is here to put that experience to work for you in your case.

Scenarios That May Warrant a Modification

There are various scenarios that may warrant a post-judgment modification, but some of the most common are as follows:

  • Modifications to Child Custody: If one parent moves out of state, exposes a child to an act of domestic violence, fails to abide by the custody agreement, or develops a drug/alcohol problem (or otherwise proves themselves unfit to be a parent), the other parent may be granted a modification to their child custody agreement.
  • Modifications to Child Support: Certain scenarios that may warrant a modification to child support include getting a higher-paying job, a child’s needs changing, and a child reaching the age of 18/graduating high school, among others.
  • Modifications to Alimony: If one spouse gets a higher-paying job (or a demotion), the spouse receiving alimony gets remarried or is living with a new partner, or one spouse comes into a large sum of money (such as through an inheritance or even winning the lottery), it may warrant a modification to their alimony agreement.

These are just some of the circumstances that may warrant a modification to a divorce agreement, and as long as you can prove that there has been a significant, unforeseen, and continuing change, courts could grant you a modification.

Depending on the specific circumstances of your request, the following information may be valuable when proving your case:

  • Pay stubs;
  • School reports;
  • Police reports;
  • Phone calls or text messages (only if legally admissible); or
  • Videos or pictures, in some cases.

If you are seeking to modify any aspect of your divorce agreement, you need a dedicated lawyer who can fight for the best outcome possible on your behalf so you can move on with your life. Speak with an attorney at Berman Voss.

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