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Berman Voss provides a number of business law services, including the sale and purchase of small businesses, the preparation of commercial agreements, and the incorporation of businesses. The firm tailors all agreements to best fit each individual business entity. Its attorneys are experienced in assisting and advising clients in complex legal matters involving the operation of a company. The firm has the experience to draft and negotiate contracts and agreements involving all aspects of business operation.

Berman Voss understands the unique needs of the small business owner, and is always mindful of providing personalized, cost-effective advice. The firm has the expertise and resources to protect a business from legal issues, while always being cognizant of minimizing risk. Its team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to providing superior legal services that meet the needs of the business owner.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the landscape of Pennsylvania and New Jersey corporate law, as well as the issues of choosing between various business entities, including partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. Berman Voss understands the implications of each entity, and is able to best determine the most effective business organization for the client.

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