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Pennsylvania Family Lawyers

Berman Voss prides itself in offering compassionate family law representation on behalf of its clients. The team of family lawyers has the experience and knowledge to help resolve issues quickly, competently, and professionally.

Berman Voss understands that many family law issues can be emotionally trying, and the attorneys strive to work diligently and efficiently to achieve the best possible results for each client.

Family Lawyers | Serving Clients throughout Pennsylvania

Berman Voss handles a multitude of family law matters, including:


The word “divorce,” in and of itself, is difficult enough for most people, even without the consideration of what the process fully entails. When adding in the myriad of issues and problems that often develop, many find the entire process to be draining and frustrating. Having an understanding of the process and a lawyer whose practice style aligns with the goals of each client can help alleviate much of the frustration.

The lawyers at Berman Voss understand the difficulty of navigating a divorce case in the court system and the need for a support team to serve its clients. The attorneys will always diligently advocate for the client, while appreciating that each client has individual needs.

Berman Voss is aware that every case is different. Some cases are layered with a level of complexity that requires specific analysis. The firm has a team of litigation support professionals ready and able to assist each client in achieving the desired outcome. Other cases can be easily and quickly resolved between the parties, with the assistance of counsel. Berman Voss is cognizant of the need to guide each case on an individual basis, adhering to the goals of each client and based upon the circumstances that exist.

The firm will handle each case with professionalism, from the initial consultation to the filing of the divorce complaint, and to the final divorce decree to the completion of the economic distribution. Berman Voss always ensures that it meets the goals of the client, rather than the client meeting the goals of the firm.

Child Custody

What happens with one’s children is often the most critical aspect of a divorce. Berman Voss makes the promise to assist its clients in obtaining the custody arrangement that is best for the client and for the family. Each family presents its own unique set of circumstances and the Berman Voss team will devote the necessary time and energy to each individual case.

Berman Voss effectively communicates with its clients to ensure a thorough understanding of the process. The firm always provides transparency so that the client can make informed decisions about the case and its effect on one’s life. The attorneys in the family law group are always there for the clients, whether it be to work through an issue or answer any questions.

From drafting agreements without the involvement of the court, through conciliation and on to a custody trial, Berman Voss always advises and assists its clients in achieving their respective goals. At Berman Voss, each client’s case is more than just a number. It is always about the client and the client’s family, and this is reflected in how each client is treated.

Child Support and Alimony

Berman Voss understands that the support arena is filled with frustration. The family law attorneys at Berman Voss can help achieve the best possible outcome in one’s Pennsylvania support matter. Each attorney has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all issues pertaining to child support, spousal support, and alimony pendente lite. Berman Voss can help achieve the best outcome.

The best way to achieve a good outcome in a support hearing is to be prepared. The clients have come to respect Berman Voss for its level of preparation. The attorney will discuss all relevant issues with the client in advance of a court hearing and ensure that the client achieves a successful outcome. Each component of the support formula will be discussed between attorney and client, as well as any deviations from the guideline. Each attorney is thoroughly familiar with all recent rule changes, and will always use these changes to the advantage of the client. Berman Voss will always ensure that there are no surprises when it comes to a support case.

Property Distribution

Often, as long as no prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are in place, courts in Pennsylvania will have to divide a couple’s property between them. This essentially means that one’s home, vehicles, assets held in bank accounts, and more, are at stake. The attorneys at Berman Voss are well-versed in all facets of property distribution and will help guide each client.

Domestic Violence

Berman Voss takes instances of domestic violence very seriously. If an adult or child is a victim of domestic violence, action should be taken immediately. Berman Voss can aid in obtaining protection and working to have a restraining order placed against the abuser.


Adopting a child is a wonderful experience. However, adoption can also be very complex from a legal standpoint. If you are considering adopting a child, whether domestically or internationally, an attorney from Berman Voss has the skill and knowledge to guide you through the process.

Prenuptial Agreements

Although in the past there has been a certain stigma attached to prenuptial agreements, it is important to understand that this is no longer the case. In fact, one Harris Interactive poll states that approximately 40 percent of people surveyed between the ages of 18 and 34 who were engaged or married signed a prenuptial agreement. Signing a prenuptial agreement is by no means a lack of belief in the strength of a relationship. Rather, it is merely an acknowledgment of the fact that roughly 50 percent of marriages in this day and age end in a divorce, and that it is simply best to prepare for the worst. Drafting a prenuptial agreement will save couples time, money, and uncertainty, and, ultimately, provide them with peace of mind.

High Net Worth Divorce

When a couple that owns at least one million in assets is in the process of divorcing, they are in what is known as a high net worth divorce. These divorces are notoriously complicated and should only be handled by experienced family lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the various financial complexities associated with these divorces. The attorneys at Berman Voss are highly skilled in this area.

Post-Judgment Modifications

After divorce, life changes, and courts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognize the same. If you have encountered a significant and continuing change that warrants a modification to one’s current agreement, strong consideration should be given to speaking with a competent attorney who can provide guidance through the post-judgment modification process.

If you’re facing a family law matter in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including in Allentown, Wyomissing, or anywhere in Berks County, Lehigh County, or Montgomery County, contact Berman Voss today.

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